Color Hardbacks at Barnes & Noble

Now find color hardbacks at Barnes & Noble on select Kittycat Books titles. Click here to read about these titles and to find sales links: A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMASBROTHER DRAGONEMMITT MOUSE PLAYS SANTAO. O. OCTOPUSPETE THE PEACOCK GOES TO THE ZOOPETE THE PEACOCK GOES TO TOWNSCOOTER’S WORLDTYLER ON THE MOONWATCH FOR FALLING ROCK | Find titles through the CATALOG PAGE

Christmas Themed Children’s Picture Books

Christmas Picture Books

Try these Christmas-themed children’s picture books: A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS (written by Terri Branson and illustrated by Kim Sponaugle) • EMMITT MOUSE PLAYS SANTA (written by Judy Goodspeed and illustrated by Richard Billingsley • THE PERFECT PURPLE PRESENT (written by Paula Blais Gorgas and illustrated by Chet Taylor)

New Lower eBook Prices

Reading eBooks

Now get available ebook editions of children’s picture books from Kittycat Books for only $3.99 each! In this tough economy, we decided to lower the prices in order to make it easier for our customers and various lending library partners to obtain quality picture books for children. Our picture books are professionally illustrated in full color and rated G for all ages and audiences. Picture book ebook editions include full color illustration pages with live text, so files will play on any device. EPUB ebooks are available through many online bookstores, ebook lending libraries, and ebook subscription services. Sites include: Apple Books, Axis-360, Barnes & Noble, Blio, Califa, Kobo Books, Open Library, Overdrive, Scribd, Smashwords, and many more. Kindle editions are available worldwide through Amazon (English only). Click here to read about books and to find sales links: Thanks!

New Kittycat Books Catalog Site

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Welcome to the Kittycat Books catalog website! Kittycat Books is the children’s picture book label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. See the ABOUT page for information, formats, and distribution. See the AUTHORS page for brief biographies with website links. See the CATALOG page for a list of current titles with links to on-site title pages. Title pages include book covers, descriptions (blurbs), copyright data, formats, ISBNs, awards, reviews, and sales links. Check back often for news and updates. Domain:

Brother Dragon now in expanded edition

BROTHER DRAGON, the EPPIE 2005 Trophy Award Winner for Best Children’s Book written by Terri Branson and illustrated by Chet Taylor, is now available in an expanded 46-page edition with 22 full page color illustrations. [Children’s Picture Book (rated G for ages 2-7) | Available in color paperback, color hardback, coloring book, and color ebook] Although born a water dragon, all Brother Dragon dreams about is flying among the clouds. But will his wish come true in time to save his adopted human family? | Click here to read more and to find sales links….

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the popular children’s picture book, LITTLE LOST LEPRECHAUN, written by Paula Blais Gorgas and illustrated by Chet Taylor. [Rated G for ages 2-7 | Published on the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. | Available in color ebook, paperback, and hardback] Patsy wants to be a movie director. She directs everyone in the family, including her dog, Pippin. Now her family St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Pageant is about to begin, but the star is missing! Can Patsy find another leprechaun in time to save the show? || Click here to find sales links…