THE PERFECT PURPLE PRESENT now in discount paperback at Lulu

THE PERFECT PURPLE PRESENT, children’s picture book written by Paula Blais Gorgas and illustrated by Chet Taylor, is now available in discount color paperback and discount coloring book at Lulu alongside the companion color hardback. — It is almost Christmas and Jeanne Marie is stuck at home with the chicken pox. Just when it seems there is no way to get presents for the family, her grandmother helps to find the perfect purple present. [Children’s Picture Book (rated G for all audiences) from the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing | Available in color paperback, color hardback, coloring book, and color ebook] Color Hardback at Lulu | Color Paperback at Lulu | Coloring Book at Lulu | Read more and find all sales links |

A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS now in discount paperback at Lulu

Find A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS, children’s Christmas-themed picture book by Terri Branson, in discount color paperback at Lulu for just $8.99! Three clever young dragons (Fang, Claw, and Spike) devise a way to get Santa Claus to visit their cave on Christmas Eve. Do they just want their stockings filled for Christmas, or should Santa worry about falling into a dragon’s cave? || COLOR PAPERBACK AT LULU | COLOR HARDBACK AT LULU | READ MORE & FIND SALES LINKS |