What Kind of Turtle Am I

Izzy is on a quest to figure out just what kind of turtle she is. Is she a turtle, a tortoise, or a terrapin? She asks every animal she can find, but will anyone be able to answer her question?

WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I? [©2011] Written by Donna M. Zappala and Illustrated by Marco Serido [Children’s Picture Book (G) 24 pages color | Released by Kittycat Books]

EPIC 2012 Best Children’s Book

What Kind of Turtle Am I

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COLOR HARDBACK [EAN 978-1-936381-13-5 | ISBN 1-936381-13-3] 8.5×11 library casebound (24 pages color) | Average Price: $19.99

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“This is a great story, kids will learn a little something while enjoying the illustrations. My kids (5 and 2) both enjoy WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I and my 5-year-old especially likes the little animal characters in the background on each page, in addition to the main characters. A great buy for the paperback, nice and lightweight. I took it in a carry-on for a long flight and we read it again and again!” ~ reviewed by M. Mathews [FIVE STARS]

“Author, Donna Zappala, has created a fun and educational book that takes young readers on a scientific journey from beginning to end. Marco Serido’s illustrations compliment the mood of the text and will fascinate children at the turn of each page. Izzy, an inquisitive little turtle, does not give up as she tries to seek an answer to the question, WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I? A nice supplement to any classroom, this book exposes children to different organisms and their characteristics through an enjoyable story. Children will learn the differences between turtles, tortoises, and terrapins through Zappala’s creative tale. Izzy’s perseverance teaches young children that finding and answer to a question may not be easy, but they should not give up in their quest for knowledge. What Kind of Turtle Am I? would be a great addition to any elementary media center or classroom.” ~ Sherri Herninko, Media Specialist [FIVE STARS]

“This book captured my attention from the first page! I love the illustrations, especially the ones of the old terrapin. It also gave me something to investigate further! Great for any age child (or adult)!” ~ Quiltin’ Mama [FIVE STARS]

“WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I is an enjoyable story for young readers, but also very educational in the content area of reptiles.  This story presents a turtle on an adventure, who meets many other animals along the way.  Izzy, the turtle learned the many differences between a turtle, tortoise, and a terrapin from a turtle that looked just like her.  This wonderful story gives children accurate information about the various types of turtles in a creative way along with many colorful and detailed illustrations.” ~ Leah Angeline, Preschool Teacher [FIVE STARS]

“Tell me the truth. Do you know the difference between a turtle, a tortoise, and a terrapin? Not many people do, and I have to admit, if I was quizzed, I’d probably flunk! Thus enters the children’s book, What Kind of Turtle Am I?, by Donna M. Zappala. Izzy is a turtle. However, as she basks in the sun, she wonders what kind of turtle she is. Surely, there must be somebody who knows, so she sets off in search of answers. Izzy runs into different animals, including a fish, bird, alligator, and snake, who provide little tidbits about themselves, but are unable to tell Izzy what kind of turtle she is. Finally, Izzy runs into turtle who looks just like her. The turtle explains that there are many different turtles in the world–turtles, tortoises and terrapins. He explains how they have many things in common and also many differences. With a little wise advice from the adult diamondback terrapin, Izzy not only knows who she is, but gathers new friends along the way. This is a wonderful book for any turtle lover or anyone looking to learn the difference between all the different kinds of turtles. Readers will be interested to learn that a big difference between tortoises and turtles are their shells. Tortoises have clubbed feet not webbed, and they spend their days and nights in different places. If you’re looking to share facts with your young readers, but in a fun story, WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I is just the read.” ~ Lori Calabrese [FIVE STARS]

“What Kind of Turtle Am I? is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book that entertains as well as educates.  It begins with Izzy’s journey to find out what kind of turtle she is, where she meets many friendly animals along the way. When she finally finds a turtle who looks just like her, she not only learns what kind of turtle she is but also many other informative details about turtles. This is a thoroughly enjoyable book for both children and adults!” ~ Dana Mastronicola [FIVE STARS]

“What a beautiful story. It’s a story about a turtle on a journey. This turtle meets up with other fun animals on her way, and you learn so much from each of them. The story has great pictures, and is very informative. Thanks for another great book.” ~ Tara Hopkins, Elementary School Teacher [FIVE STARS]

“What Kind of Turtle Am I? is a wonderful children’s book. It is not only fun to read but educational as well.  When reading this book, young children will learn all about turtles in a way that they can understand.  Without such a book, children would not get a chance to learn the differences between turtles, tortoises, and terrapins.  The text is well written and the illustrations are colorful and vivid.” ~ Donna Nardone, President of Parent-Teacher Association in Berkeley Township, NJ [FIVE STARS]

Donna M. ZappalaDONNA M. ZAPPALA holds a BA in Elementary Education and Psychology and a master’s degree in Mathematics Education for grades kindergarten through sixth. Donna resides in New Jersey with her husband Adrian, a university administrator, and her three girls. Publications include the following children’s picture books: GABBY AND THE TOOTH FAIRYIZZY’S CROSSINGIZZY’S HATCHLINGSWHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I?

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