Tyler on the Moon

Written by Terri Branson
Illustrated by Chet Taylor
Children’s Book (G)
[©2005] (24 pages color)
Released by Kittycat Books

Tyler just moved to the moon with his parents and cannot wait to go outside to play in what he sees as one huge sandbox, the surface of the moon. Although told never to go outside alone, he sneaks out for a walk alone on the moon and gets lost at the bottom of a crater.

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COLOR HARDBACK [EAN 978-0-9765786-2-8 | ISBN 0-9765786-2-X] 8.5×11 library casebound (24 pages color) | Average Price: $19.99 || Color Hardback at Lulu |

COLOR PAPERBACK [EAN 978-0-9794660-9-0 | ISBN 0-9794660-9-1] 8×10 trim (24 pages color) | Average Price: $11.99 || Color Paperback at Amazon | Color Paperback at Amazon UK | Color Paperback at Barnes & Noble | Color Paperback Lulu (low price) |

COLORING BOOK [EAN 978-1-941278-50-5 | ISBN 1-941278-50-7] 8×10 trim (42 pages black/white) 20 illustrations to color | Average Price: $7.99 || Coloring Book at Amazon | Coloring Book at Amazon UK | Coloring Book at Barnes & Noble | Coloring Paperback only at Lulu (low price) |

COLOR EBOOK [EAN 978-1-936381-92-0 | ISBN 1-936381-92-3] Available in EPUB and Kindle (color) | Average Price: $3.99 || Color eBook at Amazon Kindle | Color eBook at Amazon Kindle UK | Color eBook at Apple iBooks | Color eBook at Barnes & Noble | Color eBook at Smashwords || Find EPUBs at Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Blio, Kobo Books, Open Library, Overdrive, Scribd, Smashwords, and more. Find Kindle editions at Amazon and Smashwords.


“Tyler and his family just moved to the moon and he can hardly wait to go play outside on the moon’s surface. His mom is an astronomer and is busy searching the stars. His dad is an engineer working on the big satellite dishes on the surface of the moon. Both are too busy to take Tyler outside to play exactly when he wants to go, and he has been told never to go outside on his own. This is a fantastic book! Ms. Branson gently delivers the message that adults have reasons for telling children ‘No’ and that sometimes children do not understand those reasons until it is too late. We were taken on a delightful tour of the moon while Tyler learned that he is still too little to do some things on his own and that doing them on his own could get him hurt.” ~ reviewed by Keely Skillman for Coffee Time Romance [FIVE STARS]

“My 4-year-old son can easily learn the value of listening to his parents by reading about Tyler not listening to his mom and dad and, as a result, falling in the moon crater.” ~ reviewed by Shanna Bartlett Groves [FIVE STARS]

“A delightful life lesson for all youngsters — not just future astronauts.” ~ reviewed by R. Slaughter for Chaos Arts Reviews [FIVE STARS]

TERRI BRANSON earned an associate degree in math and science before turning her efforts toward the studies of creative writing and graphic arts. In addition to being a graphics artist and an editor, she is an award-winning author who has sold articles on the craft of writing and conducted many local writing workshops. Awards include the EPPIE 2005 Best Children’s Book trophy for the picture book,Brother Dragon and the EPPIE 2004 Best Anthology trophy for the science fiction and fantasy anthology Cosmic Sculpture. || Author Website | Facebook Page |

Children’s picture books include: A Very Dragon Christmas | Brother Dragon | Pete, the Peacock, Goes to the Zoo | Pete, the Peacock, Goes to Town | Scooter’s World | Tyler on the Moon | Watch for Falling Rock |

Adult publications include: A Psychic Life (non-fiction) | Cosmic Sculpture (SF/fantasy anthology) | Dragon’s Blood (science fiction) | Dragon’s Den (science fiction) | Geodoodles (adult coloring book) | Musk Rain (paranormal romance) | Prairie Fire (western romance) | The Winds of Aumrau (original sheet music) |

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