The Perfect Purple Present

Written by Paula Blais Gorgas
Illustrated by Chet Taylor
Children’s Picture Book (G)
[©2007] (20 pages color)
Released by Kittycat Books

It is almost Christmas and Jeanne Marie is stuck at home with the chicken pox. Just when it seems there is no way to get presents for her family, her grandmother helps find the perfect purple solution.

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COLOR HARDBACK [EAN 978-0-9794660-4-5 | ISBN 0-9794660-4-0] 8.5×11 library casebound (24 pages color) | Average Price: $19.99 || Hardback at Lulu |

COLOR PAPERBACK [EAN 978-0-9797574-4-0 | ISBN 0-9797574-4-4] 8×10 trim (24 pages color) | Average Price: $11.99 || Color Paperback at Amazon | Color Paperback at Barnes & Noble | Discount Color Paperback at Lulu |

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“Little Jeanne-Marie’s Christmas plans are now topsy-turvy thanks to the chicken pox and, sadly, she is unable to shop for holiday gifts for her family. Her Grand-maman saves the day by teaching Jeanne-Marie that often the most perfect gifts are those that come from the heart. Author Paula Blais Gorgas has given us a delightful, inter-generational story about the true meaning of the spirit of giving. Young readers will love this story and read it again and again.” ~ L. Langley [FIVE STARS]

“Young readers will be drawn into Gorgas’ second holiday picture book by the promise of the perfect present, purple at that. They will stay engaged from the first sentence, which reveals the young heroine’s dilemma: Jeanne-Marie is quarantined with chicken pox the week before Christmas and cannot leave home to buy gifts for her family. While members of her family try to console her with predictable suggestions, it’s Jeanne-Marie’s empathetic Grand Maman who helps her tie loose ends together just in time to present her family a unique contribution to their Christmas celebration. Taylor’s lively and colorful characters reflect the story accurately… This story, drawn from Gorgas’ childhood experience, belongs high on the stack of Christmas read-aloud books.” ~ Carole Gill, Children’s and Young Adult Librarian [FOUR STARS]

PAULA BLAIS GORGAS lives in Oklahoma with her husband Chet, a retired Navy Commander turned pro-golfer. Together they have four grown sons and a dozen grandchildren. Paula has worked as an NSA intelligence analyst and as a children’s librarian. Children’s picture books include: Little Lost Leprechaun and The Perfect Purple Present. Juvenile fiction novels (for ages 8-12) include: Earth Magic and Secret of the Crystal Dragon. Young adult novels (for ages 13-18+) include: Court of Honor. Adult works include the paranormal romance novel Dreamtime and the fantasy anthology Other World. || Visit author website | Find author on Facebook |

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