Saddle Up

At six years old, Callie can barely reach the stirrups much less saddle her horse, Tuffy. One afternoon when her father is too busy shoeing a horse to help her, Callie must devise a way to change Tuffy’s saddle all by herself.

SADDLE UP [©2007] Written by Judy Goodspeed and Illustrated by Chet Taylor [Children’s Picture Book (G) 24 pages color from Kittycat Books]

Saddle Up

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COLOR PAPERBACK [EAN 978-0-974660-7-6 | ISBN 0-9794660-7-5] 8×10 trim (24 pages color) | Average Price: $11.99

COLOR HARDBACK [EAN 978-0-9794660-0-7 | ISBN 0-9794660-0-8] 8.5×11 library casebound (24 pages color) | Average Price: $19.99

COLOR EBOOK [EAN 978-1-936381-90-6 |  ISBN 1-936381-90-7] Available in EPUB and Kindle (color) | Average Price: $3.99

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“SADDLE UP is a great story to teach children about problem solving. When little Callie wants to change her horse’s saddle but her father does not have the time to help, she must figure it out herself. The illustrations are great and the message a positive one.” ~ Amber Sparks for Roserock Reviews [FIVE STARS]

Judy GoodspeedJUDY GOODSPEED is a graduate of East Central State College in Oklahoma, and was a Junior High School teacher and coach for thirty years. She has been a contributing writer for several local newspapers and has also written magazine articles for Outdoor Oklahoma, Good Old Days, Rodeo News, and The Ketchpen. Non-Children’s Picture Book publications include: EMMITT MOUSE PLAYS SANTAPERKY TURKEY FINDS A FRIENDPERKY TURKEY’S 4TH OF JULY ADVENTUREPERKY TURKEY’S PERFECT PLANSADDLE UP. Other publications include non-fiction books and western novels.

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