Minnie to the Rescue

minnietotherescue800x1200MINNIE TO THE RESCUE
Written by Roberta Hoffer
Illustrated by Chet Taylor
Children’s Picture Book (G)
[©2015] 24 pages color
From Kittycat Books

Minnie the Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t know what to expect when she is rescued from the adoption center. Will this new place become her forever home? Then when another Yorkie named Buddy is rescued by her new owner, will she like him? Will she be able to help him adjust to his new home?

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ROBERTA HOFFER is a retired preschool teacher from a small town in Indiana. She married her high school sweetheart. Together they have two children and have one grandson, Christian. Roberta loves animals and is an advocate for animal rights. When not writing, Roberta enjoys boating, camping, walking, snow activities, and anything that involves her family being together. Children’s picture book publications include: Minnie to the Rescue and Nakita’s Big Question. The award-winning Stonebridge Ghost Tales juvenile fantasy series includes: The Ghost of Stonebridge Lane, The Ghost of the Frozen North, and The Ghosts of Stony Manor. Young adult publications include: The Cubicle Detective and Molly Greyson’s Ghost. || Visit the Author Website | Author on Facebook |