Izzy’s Crossing

It’s time for Izzy, the Diamondback Terrapin, to lay her eggs on the seashore. However, she does not know how to get there. To find the answer, she crosses the land, asking everyone she meets: “Do you know the way to the sandy beach?”

IZZY’S CROSSING [©2014] Written by Donna M. Zappala and Illustrated by Marco Serido [Children’s Picture Book (G) 24 pages color | Released by Kittycat Books]

Izzy's Crossing

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COLOR HARDBACK [EAN 978-1-936381-60-9 | ISBN 1-936381-60-5] 8.5×11 library casebound (24 pages color) | Average Price: $19.99

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COLOR EBOOKS [EAN 978-1-936381-78-4 | ISBN 1-936381-78-8] Available in EPUB and Kindle (color) | Average Price: $3.99

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“I just read IZZY’S CROSSING and I loved it. The vivid colors in this book make it really stand out. The reader follows Izzy, a diamondback terrapin, on an adventure to the seashore. Having never had to lay her eggs before, she needs help in finding the seashore. After asking hurried herons and a cranky toad, a non-crabby crab finally shows her the way to the seashore in time for her to lay her eggs.” ~ reviewed by Karen Rostoker-Gruber, children’s book author and ventriloquist [FIVE STARS]

“IZZY’S CROSSING is a feel good story about a diamondback terrapin turtle on a journey to find her home. Along the way to her home, Izzy finds new friends who offer her more than just friendship they offer her guidance and kindness. I recommend this story to children from age zero to one hundred. In a world with a lack of courtesy, aggression and bullying, this tale is a breath of fresh air. As a School Counselor, I recommend this story to offer children comfort and to always remember that you will find your ‘way’ if you continue to search; finding a new friend or two always makes your search a little easier and even a little more fun. Donna M. Zappala’s book is outstanding.” ~ reviewed by Joy Przywara [FIVE STARS]

“IZZY’S CROSSING is the story about an adorable Diamondback Terrapin Turtle. This is the sequel to WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I?, which is the introduction of Izzy. In IZZY’S CROSSING, Izzy is about to lay her eggs, but does not know how to get there. This  wonderful story follows this cute sea creature through her adventure. Izzy meets many different animals along the way and sees many places. Izzy uses creativity and turtle heart to find her way. I love how this story travels along with Izzy and teaches the kids about what happens when a turtle lays her eggs. The children can certainly relate through the adventure that the author paints through words. And I need to mention the pictures! The illustrator paints a soft and wonderful picture to follow the story. Absolutely adorable! A definite must to any home library.” ~ reviewed by Lisa Wilson for Mountain Laurel Dreams [FIVE STARS]

“It’s time for terrapin Izzy to leave the marsh and lay her eggs on the sandy beach. Izzy doesn’t know the way and calls on her marsh friends for help. Eventually Izzy meets another terrapin Addie who guides her to the beach. One major obstacle stands in the way of the terrapins getting to the beach; they conquer that obstacle with ingenuity and creativity. IZZY’S CROSSING is an engaging journey with a wonderful and lively character who makes her way through illustrator’s Marco Serido’s colorful and countryside having a good deal of fun. IZZY’S CROSSING should create enthusiastic students for science study of terrapins.” ~ reviewed by Ernest Jaeger, Ed.D [FOUR STARS]

“Children will love going on an exciting adventure with sweet Izzy. Donna M. Zappala has added another charming story to her collection of knowledge-filled books for children. Izzy from IZZY’S CROSSING is a shy, helpless Diamondback Terrapin that relies on others to learn survival tactics in her new world that is surrounded by danger. Children will see IZZY’S CROSSING come to life through the vivid colors and the wonderful illustrations. This fabulous book is sure to win the hearts of all of the children that touch it.” ~ reviewed by Andrea Murphy, Special Education Teacher [FIVE STARS]

“Izzy’s back! What a joy it is to learn about Izzy’s journey to lay her eggs in the new book, IZZY’S CROSSING. It is not an easy journey for Izzy who does not know her way to the sandy beach. However, Izzy is determined to find her way. With the help of a fiddler crab, a diamondback terrapin, and a kind gentleman, she makes it to her final destination where Izzy is finally able to lay her eggs. IZZY’S CROSSING is a great addition to her first adventure in WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I? also by author Donna Zappala. Her collection of turtle stories has inspired my eight-year-old daughter to base a class project off the main character Izzy. Author Donna Zappala’s creativity continues to bring joy to my family through her fun educational books. Her books are well-written and brightly illustrated to keep children engaged. My family and I look forward to reading many more books written by Donna.” ~ reviewed by Jessenia Citarella, Elementary School Teacher [FIVE STARS]

Donna M. ZappalaDONNA M. ZAPPALA holds a BA in Elementary Education and Psychology and a master’s degree in Mathematics Education for grades kindergarten through sixth. Donna resides in New Jersey with her husband Adrian, a university administrator, and her three girls. Publications include the following children’s picture books: GABBY AND THE TOOTH FAIRYIZZY’S CROSSINGIZZY’S HATCHLINGSWHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I?

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