Dragon Talk

Written by K. D. Huxman
Illustrated by Teresa Farrington
Children’s Picture Book (G)
[©2006] 24 pages color
Released by Kittycat Books

Nervous about her first day of kindergarten, Kristin gets comfort from a surprising source: her stuffed toy dragon named Drakon.


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COLOR HARDBACK [EAN 978-0-978651-7-8 | ISBN 0-9778651-7-7] 8.5×11 library casebound (24 pages color) | Average Price: $19.99 || Color Hardback at Lulu |

COLOR PAPERBACK [EAN 978-0-9797574-9-5 | ISBN 0-9797574-9-5] 8×10 trim (24 pages color) | Average Price: $11.99 || Color Paperback at Amazon | Color Paperback at Amazon UK | Color Paperback at Barnes & Noble | Discount Color Paperback at Lulu |

COLOR EBOOK [EAN 978-1-936381-70-8 | ISBN 1-936381-70-2] Available in EPUB and Kindle (color) | Average Price: $3.99 || Kindle at Amazon | Kindle at Amazon UK | EPUB at Barnes & Noble | EPUB at Smashwords || Also find EPUBs at Apple iBooks, Blio, Kobo Books, Open Library, Overdrive, Scribd and more!


“For five-year-old Kristin, things like rumbling thunder can be scary — but being brave is a whole lot easier with her friend Drakon, the magical stuffed dragon, by her side. Starting school can be a bit frightening, too, so Drakon comes along to smooth Kristin’s way. DRAGON TALK, K. D. Huxman’s charming story, whimsically illustrated by Teresa Farrington, will go a long way toward easing the first-day jitters of the five-year-old in your life and is a lovely lesson in getting by with a little help from your friends.” ~ reviewed by Lighthouse Literary Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“DRAGON TALK is a wonderful book for kids just starting kindergarten. The author packs a lot of story in just a few pages. The illustrations are beautiful with all kinds of whimsical details for kids to ferret out.” ~ reviewed by Sparks Reviews [FIVE STARS]

K. D. HUXMAN’s first love, after reading, was space. She wanted to be the first veterinarian astronaut. In college she studied biology and was in Air Force ROTC. After college she became an Air Force officer, but rocketing to the stars was not to be. She married a fellow Air Force officer and settled into raising a family, but never forgot her love of books or science. She earned an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Norwich University. After traveling around the country with the Air Force, she settled in Colorado. On a clear night she enjoys looking up at the stars, dreaming and writing. She has taught writing at the community college level and worked as an elementary school librarian. Children’s Picture Book publications include DRAGON TALK and GRIZZELDA GORILLA.

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