The Bug That Plagued The Entire Third Grade

Ignoring his runny nose and worsening cold, Matt’s singled minded pursuit of a rare bug wreaks havoc on his school, his teachers, and his classmates.

THE BUG THAT PLAGUED THE ENTIRE THIRD GRADE [©2010] Written by Lori Calabrese and Illustrated by Chet Taylor [Children’s Picture Book (G) 24 pages color from Kittycat Books]

The Bug That Plagued

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“THE BUG THAT PLAGUED THE ENTIRE THIRD GRADE is a handy health guide and fun manual that teaches kids ages 4-8 what they can do to prevent or slow the spread of disease and virus, or ‘bugs’. Unfortunately Matt has a virus and is ill, with coughs and sniffles, but he has also caught a real bug that he desperately wants to enter in the school Bug-A-Fair. Despite his symptoms, his mother lets him go to school, where he learns both how to trap and find a real rare bug and how to be responsible for not spreading his very own illness bug. Of course he needs to stay home, rest, eat chicken soup, and not spread his germs, as well as wash his hands and cover his mouth when coughing and sneezing. The Bug That Plagued the Entire Third Grade is written in jaunty verse, illustrated with bright, cheerful colors, and packs a definite punch in the general area of child health care and disease prevention.” ~ reviewed by Midwest Book Review [FIVE STARS]

“A bug enthusiast, Matt ventures on his quest to find the most unusual bug to present at the school Bug-A-Fair and that is when the play on words causes chaos of the strangest kind. For you see not only did Matt discover a bug which he was sure would secure him the accolades of his teachers and classmates he caught the dreaded cold bug too. As persuasive as Matt can be his mother allowed him to attend school to submit his bug into the Bug-A-Fair. In attempts to control his sniffles Matt exploded with a forceful sneeze flipping the lid clear off the bug jar when he arrived at school and the bug flew right into the third grade. Matt’s excitement overflows as well as his running nose and he bursts into his classroom to capture the bug once again. The obstacles he encounters with his teacher who is focused on Matt’s cold bug will have you chuckling and cheering for the bug’s capture. Will Matt succeed and convince his teacher that he truly captured an unusual bug for real or will he be sent home because he caught the cold bug? Find out while you read the hilarious tale of THE BUG THAT PLAGUED THE ENTIRE THIRD GRADE told in perfect rhyme.” ~ reviewed by Donna M. McDine [FIVE STARS]

LORI CALABRESE has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from St. John’s University in Queens, New York, and is a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature. A member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Lori lives in Connecticut with her husband and two sons. Publications include the children’s picture book THE BUG THAT PLAGUED THE ENTIRE THIRD GRADE, illustrated by Chet Taylor.

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