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A BED FOR GEORGE [©2016] by Randy Covert [Book 1]

A HAT FOR GEORGE [©2017] by Randy Covert [Book 3]

A HOME FOR GEORGE [©2017] by Randy Covert [Book 2]

A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS [©2008] by Terri Branson

AL, THE SPOTTED ZEBRA [©2009] by Lori Z. Scott

ALBERT’S PERFECT PET [©2009] by Donna M. Zappala

ALLEY LOO [©2009] by C. E. Walz

BROTHER DRAGON [©2004] by Terri Branson

DRAGON TALK [©2006] by K. D. Huxman

EMMITT MOUSE PLAYS SANTA [©2013] by Judy Goodspeed

GABBY AND THE TOOTH FAIRY [©2012] by Donna M. Zappala

GRIZZELDA GORILLA [©2007] by K. D. Huxman

IZZY’S CROSSING [©2014] by Donna M. Zappala

IZZY’S HATCHLINGS [©2015] by Donna M. Zappala

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST [©2004] by Chet Taylor

LITTLE LOST LEPRECHAUN [©2005] by Paula Blais Gorgas

MINNIE TO THE RESCUE [©2015] by Roberta Hoffer

NAKITA’S BIG QUESTION [©2014] by Roberta Hoffer

O. O. OCTOPUS [©2008] by Pat Gaines

PERKY TURKEY FINDS A FRIEND [©2006] by Judy Goodspeed

PERKY TURKEY’S 4TH OF JULY ADVENTURE [©2008] by Judy Goodspeed

PERKY TURKEY’S PERFECT PLAN [©2005] by Judy Goodspeed

PETE, THE PEACOCK, GOES TO THE ZOO [©2011] by Terri Branson

PETE, THE PEACOCK, GOES TO TOWN [©2005] by Terri Branson

SADDLE UP [©2007] by Judy Goodspeed

SCOOTER’S WORLD [©2013] by Terri Branson

SWAMP LULLABY [©2010] by C. E. Walz


THE PERFECT PURPLE PRESENT [©2007] by Paula Blais Gorgas

TYLER ON THE MOON [©2005] by Terri Branson

WATCH FOR FALLING ROCK [©2015] by Terri Branson

WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I? [©2011] by Donna M. Zappala