logo200x200kittycatbooksKittycat Books is the children’s picture book catalog of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc, (DFP).

Find titles alphabetically through either the top menu bar or the listings on the sidebar.

Since 2004 Kittycat Books has endeavored to offer the best in storytelling and professional illustrations.

Our children’s picture books are rated G for ages 2-7 and illustrated in full color.

Editions include color paperbacks (glue bound), color color hardbacks (library casebound), Kindle ebooks for Amazon, and EPUB ebooks for all other ebook channels. [Editions vary by title.]

Paperbacks are available retail online at Amazon, Alibris, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace, and more. Paperbacks are also available wholesale to retailers and libraries through CreateSpace Direct, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram. All print editions are print-on-demand and therefore not eligible for returns policies.

Hardbacks are available retail through Lulu. Click here to see our spotlight store on Lulu…

Picture book ebook editions include full color illustration pages and live text, so files will play on any device. EPUB ebooks are available through many online bookstores, ebook lending libraries, and ebook subscription services. Sites include: Apple iBooks, Axis-360, Barnes & Noble, Blio, Califa, Kobo Books, Lulu, Open Library, Overdrive, Scribd, Smashwords, and many more. Kindle ebooks are available worldwide through Amazon (English only).

To send book reviews or to request ebooks to review, use the contact form on this site.

Please note that public submissions at this time are closed. Thanks!


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