An Angel’s First Job

cvr200x300anangelsfirstjobAN ANGEL’S FIRST JOB
Written by Carol Davis Gustke
Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle
Children’s Picture Book [©2008]
(24 pages color) rated G for ages 2-7
Released in 2008 by Kittycat Books

Autumn Joy just graduated from Angel school and anticipates her first assignment. Will she watch over a princess? Protect a newborn baby? No, her first job is to guide a rambunctious and disobedient ten-year-old boy named Forrest.

COLOR HARDBACK [EAN 978-0-9801376-2-0 | ISBN 0-9801376-2-4] $19.99 average price || Color Hardback at Lulu

COLOR PAPERBACK [EAN 978-0-9801376-3-7 | ISBN 0-9801376-3-2] $11.99 ||

“An excellent story with very good moral instructions for children, which so few books have these days. I highly recommend AN ANGEL’S FIRST JOB to all parents and young readers.” ~ reviewed by Mike Davis [FIVE STARS]

“Autumn Joy is a novice angel who has her first big assignment. Forrest is a strong-willed boy whose antics lead him into dangerous situations. This story brings both of these believable characters together in a clear lesson of making better choices and following God’s will. The words unfold warmly, as if the author were reading it aloud. The story is easy to understand for children and the illustrations captivate their young eyes. AN ANGEL’S FIRST JOB is a favorite with my young son and we read it together often. I highly recommend it.” ~ reviewed by Michelle Turson

“AN ANGEL’S FIRST JOB is the story of Autumn Joy, a recent graduate of Angel School, and her mischievous human, Forrest. The story takes you through various close calls in Forrest’s life as he does all of the dangerous things that little boys do. The watercolors by Kim Sponaugle are outstanding and give warmth to this sweet story of God’s care. Flying through this picture book with little angel Autumn Joy is, well, pure joy!” ~ reviewed by Robin Khoury, Children’s Bible Teacher


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