A Bed for George

abedforgeorge200x300Now read A BED FOR GEORGE — Book 1 of The Tales of George Giraffe, the new children’s picture book written by Randy Covert and illustrated by Chet Taylor. [Children’s Picture Book (rated G for ages 2-7) 34 pages with 15 full-page illustrations | Released September 2016 on the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. | Available in color paperback, color hardback, black/white coloring book, and ebook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble] George Giraffe has a problem. He is just too tall to sleep like other animals. All he wants is a comfortable place to rest at night. Can George find a bed that fits him? Click here to find sales links and more….


About Kittycat Books

Kittycat Books is the children's picture book division of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc., began in the fall of 2004 and continuing with a growing catalog of wonderful stories professionally illustrated by talented artists.
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